BMF aims to invest in high-tech production technologies and facilities by expanding its manufacturing.

We are committed to producing high-quality forestry machines and therefore constantly looking for ways to improve our products and production. We are investing in improved designs, high-quality steel and components, as well as latest production technologies and modern manufacturing facilities. BMF has two production units in Estonia that are situated in Arkna and Vinni. Both of these facilities have been expanded considerably within the past two years to keep up with the growing demand and increase in production volumes. In 2021 we opened a new 2000 m2 hall in our main factory in Arkna that is used for completion of BMF machines. This allowed us to improve and speed up the assembly workflow, by creating spacious specialized areas for completion of BMF cranes and trailers. Plus, we were able to reorganize and widen our storage area. In 2022 another building was constructed in Arkna. This brand-new building incorporates 700 m2 of space for laser cutting and bending. In addition, our second production unit that is located in Vinni, was expanded by 800 m2, creating further space for welding and storage. In both BMF manufacturing units we use high-end intelligent CNC (computer numerically controlled) machines with latest, high-powered laser cutting, bending and robot welding technologies. CNC technology has many advantages, such as utmost precision and consistency, which ensure high quality of metal parts produced for BMF machines. Furthermore, automated CNC manufacturing processes reduce waste of materials to a minimum, make our production time shorter and increase work safety as no human interference is needed. BMF products are produced using green energy that comes from solar panels installed on the roof of our production buildings. Currently total production capacity of solar panels is 300 kw. In the beginning of 2023, we open another cold storage facility in our Arkna factory territory. It will include about 1500 m2 to store end-products and more. As of today, production units of BMF cover about 11300 m2 in total. Due to constant product development, wide product range and really good price and quality relation, BMF has increased its production volume every year by 15-20%. In 2021 BMF produced more than 1300 cranes and 1100 trailers.