Wide variety of accessories for forestry trailers as well as cranes that allow to customize BMF machines according to specific requirements and assemble a unique combination.

Hydraulic Pumps

Piston and gear pumps for BMF machines


Wide variety of valve blocks for BMF forestry cranes

Valve Type
 Valve Model
   Crane Compatibility
BMF 430
BMF 540
BMF 650
BMF 750
BMF 905
Mechanical      Valve block 5/7XY (50l) X            
Valve block 6/8XY (55l)   X X X      
Valve block on/off 60l   X X X      
Valve block 4/8 xyz (60l)   X X X      
Light weight Hydrocontrol   X X X      
Valve block 4/8 xyz (80l)         X X X
Valve block on/off 80l         X X X
Valve block HPC     X X      
Walvoil DPX 100/8 (HPC)       X X X X X
Hydrocontrol EX38 HPC   
 X X X X
Full electric       Parker P70 full electric       X X X X X
Parker P70 with Autec (wireless)       X X X X
Hydrocontrol EX38 full electric 
    X X X  X X 
Hydrocontrol EX38 Autec (wireless)
    X X X  X  X

Branch Tubes

Branch tubes for BMF trailers


Pneumatic and  hydraulic brakes for BMF trailers

Frame extensions

Frame extension for BMF trailers

Lights for Trailers

Lights for BMF trailers

Oil Coolers and Tanks

Oil coolers and oil tanks 

Black Bruin Drive System

Transmission solution for tractor-driven BMF forestry trailers.

Custom Colours

Alternative colours for BMF machines

Robson Drive System

Four-wheel drive solution for BMF trailers

Standing Legs

Adjustable parking jacks with side handle

Chainsaw holders

Chainsaw holder for attaching the chainsaw to the BMF trailer

Tipping Boxes

Tipping box for BMF trailers