Wide variety of accessories for forestry trailers and cranes to customize BMF machines according to specific requirements.

Branch Rake

BMF brushwood rake for raking and levelling.

Forest Box

BMF forest box with 5 different functions

Hay Bale Frame

 A special trailer frame to transport hay bales

Valves and Joysticks

Wide variety of valve blocks for BMF forestry cranes

Valve Type
 Valve Model
   Crane Compatibility  
BMF 430
BMF 540
BMF 650
BMF 750
BMF 905
Mechanical      5/7XY (55l) X              
6/8XY (55l)   X X X        
on/off 55l   X X X        
4/8 xyz (55l)   X X X        
Light weight 55l   X X X        
4/8 xyz (80l)         X X X  
on/off 80l         X X X  
(pilot operated)
D3M HPC     X X        
DPX 100/8 (HPC)       X X X X X  
EX38 HPC   
 X X X X  
Full electric       Parker P70      X X X X X  
Parker L90 with Autec (wireless)       X X X X
Hydrocontrol EX38 
    X X X  X X   

Oil Coolers and Tanks

Oil coolers and oil tanks 

Hydraulic Pumps

Piston and gear pumps for BMF machines

Branch Tubes

Branch tubes for transporting branches, energy wood or brushwood

Dump Boxes

Tipping dump box for BMF trailers to transport bulk cargo

Mud Guards

Removable mud guards for BMF trailers

Lights for Trailers

 Two types of tail-lights for BMF trailers


Standing platforms for trailers

Support Legs

Two types of support legs for BMF trailers

Standing Legs

Adjustable parking jacks with side handle

Black Bruin Drive System

Transmission solution for tractor-driven BMF forestry trailers.

Robson Drive System

Four-wheel drive solution for BMF trailers

Frame extensions

Single and double-beam frame extensions for BMF trailers

Chainsaw holders

Chainsaw holder for attaching chainsaw to the BMF trailer

Custom Colours

Alternative colours for BMF machines


BMF bucket accessory for BMF grapples

Log Skidding Grapple

BMF log skidding grapple to transport logs with a tractor

Three-point hitchtractor category 2 (recommended
tractor power 40-100 HP)
Front loader attachment standard:
Weight (without grapple, rotator)
153 kg
Load capacity
1500 kg
Maximum pressure
250 bar
Compatible rotators
Baltrotors GR 30X,
Baltrotors GR 30PFX,
Baltrotors GR 465X,
Finn-Rotor CR-400L
Compatible grapples
H15; H20; H24; H27; H37
Valve (if necessary)
Duplomatic BFD06 6/2

*Technical data is subject to change without prior notice.

Timber Blade

Timber blade for cleaning and leveling the ground 

Front Screen Supports

Front screen supports for additional reinforcement

xCrane PLUS Crane Control

 xCrane PLUS smart control system for cranes

Hultdins Crane Damper

Hultdins hydraulic crane damper to dampen swaying and vibrations

Grapple Attachment for Hay 

Grapple attachment for hay to lift and manage loose hay

Grapple Attachment for Hay Bales

Grapple attachment for hay bales to lift and move hay bales 

Log support

BMF Log Support for added support of logs during the lifting process

Quick Coupler

Quick Coupler to simplify attachment changes

Excavator adapter

To use grapples with excavators