New forest box and brushwood rake in BMF accessory range

BMF continues to expand its range of accessories that allow to customize BMF trailers and cranes according to ones need and work more comfortably and effectively. Last year we added accessories such as hay bale frame and a log skidding grapple that is attached to the front or back of a tractor and allows to transport logs with a tractor. This autumn we introduce a new BMF brushwood rake that has two purposes. One side of the rake is used for raking of branches and the other side is used to level and scrape the ground. Another brand new tool in our range is BMF forest box that combines five different functions: it is used as a storage box, ballast block, levelling tool and bulldozer, plus it has a winch with a 25 m rope. More information about our new accessories can be found from the following product pages:
BMF brushwood rake
BMF forest box