One-beam forest trailer with capacity of 8t

Our redesigned 8t forestry trailer has a new drawbar with hidden pump and support legs are now attached directly to trailer frame. This machine is suitable for performing different tasks around your farm and forest – it has a convincing price-performance ratio, robust construction and durable components. Total length of BMF8T1E trailer is 5615 mm, total loading area 2.1 m2 and it has both, A and FD-support leg options. Large selection of accessories enables to customize the trailer according to specific needs. BMF8T1E forestry trailer is compatible with BMF650 and BMF720 cranes.

Constant product development
BMF is committed to constant development of its machines and product range to ensure that customers get the very best of the latest technological innovation, in addition to qualities that have stood the test of time. Therefore, BMF is not only creating brand new models characterized by the combination of deep black and orange colours, but is also continuously improving its existing product base according to advances in technology and feedback from users.


Working conditions in the forest are mostly rather extreme and forest machines need to be very tough to withstand the rough terrain and heavy log loads. BMF has been producing forest equipment for about twenty years and has thorough knowledge of manufacturing tough machines. Sturdy frames of BMF trailers are designed according to the distribution of the load and all frames have passed thorough strength analysis. We use high-quality robot welding and locations of all welded seams are strategically placed to ensure resistance to weighty loads. All BMF single-and double beam trailers have strong safety grilles. BMF turning drawbar provides protection to the oil pump that is housed inside the drawbar, and has wider connection points for increased toughness. All other components, such as cables, hoses, support leg cylinders are carefully protected as well to avoid damage and provide longer service intervals. Less service time means more effective operating hours and reduced operating costs.

Technical data* :
Loading capacity, kg8000
Total length, mm
Length of loading area3265
Total width with standard wheels, mm2000
Chassis, mm160x160x8
Loading area, m²2.10
Drawbar cylinders, pcs1(2)
Drawbar angle to sides, ± °35
Clearence, mm565
Support legA/FD

*Technical data is subject to change without prior notice.

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