Forestry trailer with one beam and capacity of 9 t.

Our 9 t payload forestry trailer has a convincing price-performance ratio and it is suitable for semi- and professional forestry. Support legs of this trailer are placed beneath the crane and the crane can be used with 3-point connection as well. BMF9T1 trailer can be combined with either one of the two following forestry crane models: BMF650 or BMF720.

Stability is essential when handling heavy log loads, therefore BMF has paid extra attention to make sure that our trailers are steady even on difficult terrain. To provide increased stability and bring the centre of gravity down, BMF cranes are positioned lower on the trailers and support legs of most BMF trailers are attached directly to the trailer frame. Wheels of trailers are placed as far from each other as possible to make the trailers wider and bring the centre of gravity lower. Thanks to balancing beams it is easier to move on rough terrain.

Customization options
We know that our customers have different requirements to trailers depending on the work specifics and working conditions, therefore we provide alternative options for trailer components and a wide variety of additional equipment. BMF trailers can be equipped with several different brakes and wheels with various tyre patters. Furthermore, there are tail light alternatives and mud guards for driving on the roads. Traction power can be increased with the help of Robson 4WD or Black Bruin drive system that make working uphill, in the mud or snow much easier. Add a BMF branch tube to transport energy wood or use a BMF tipping box for gravel, grain or woodchips. Full list of BMF accessories is available here.

Technical data*:
Loading capacity, kg9000
Total length, mm
Length of loading area3950
Total width with standard wheels, mm2165
Chassis 160x160x8
Loading area, m²2,1-2,4
Drawbar cylinders, pcs2
Drawbar angle to sides, ± °40
Clearence, mm565
Support leg-
Extension 800

*Technical data is subject to change without prior notice.

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