Forestry crane with wide-angle joint, double telescope and max. reach of 8.5 meters.

Far-reaching BMF850 is a loglift crane with double telescope that extends maximum reach up to 8.5 meters. BMF aims to provide solutions according to the requirements of its customers and to design its cranes with users in mind. BMF wishes to provide tailor-made solutions that correspond to the needs of each user and our wide range of accessories offers additional options. For example, you can equip your BMF850 with wireless control option that increases convenience and safety or order a high-seat that is placed on the crane tower and widens your field of view. BMF850 is characterized by great lifting power, high-quality materials, tough constructions and carefully selected components that will make it your favourite forestry machine. BMF850 is available in HP version with added power as well. BMF850 forestry crane can be attached to the following trailers: BMF10T2, BMF11T1, BMF12T2, BMF13T1, BMF14T2, BMF16T1, BMF17T2.

Product info*:
Maximum reach, m 8.5 8.5
  • Lifting torque, kNm, gross
Lifting power on 4m without grapple and rotator, kg 1350 1520
Lifting power of full reach without grapple and rotator, kg 630 710
Grapple, m2 0.24 / 0.27  0.24 / 0.27
Rotator 4t 4t
Slewing torque, kNm 17 20,5
Slewing cylinders, pcs 4 4
Boom rotation, ° 370 370
Working pressure, bar  200 225
Hydraulic pump capacity, l/min 50-100   50-100
Support legFD FD
Wide angle + +
Telescope2x 2x
Total weight without leg, kg 1095 1095

* Technical data is subject to change without prior notice.
** Model year 2023

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