xCrane PLUS Crane Control

xCrane PLUS: elevate your BMF forestry crane control experience

Unlock the next level of precision and control with the xCrane PLUS - a smart control system designed to seamlessly enhance your forestry crane. This cutting-edge accessory is a game-changer for crane operators, offering a host of advanced features to streamline your work and maximize efficiency.

xCrane PLUS functionality overview:
- Smart control without sensors: xCrane PLUS is engineered to empower cranes without sensors. It enables operators to control multiple crane movements simultaneously from the joysticks, simplifying complex operations.
- Intuitive touch screen display: Seamlessly switch between traditional forestry crane control and the PLUS mode using the touch screen display. Effortlessly tailor your crane's movements to your specific needs.
- Parallel crane mode: Opt for the Parallel mode, where the lift boom and outer boom work in perfect harmony with a single joystick control. Activate automatic extension for a smooth, tip-control-like experience.
- Customizable ratios: Adjust the ratio of movements to match your crane's mechanical structure and your personal operating style directly from the display.

xCrane System Features:
- Supports up to 24 hydraulic movements (extendable with extra IO-modules)
- 4.3" (optional 5") touch screen display
- Speed, ramp, and progression adjustments for each movement
- Joystick calibration, filtering, and deadband
- Working hours counter
- Technion Quick Trim for optimized productivity
- Scalable with optional features
- Crane floating during trailer transportation
- Trailer traction options (Manual/Automatic)
- Free configuration tool available

Customizable Options:
- Seat switch and door switch
- Different joystick types
- Oil temperature and pressure measurement
- Compatibility with wireless remote controller
- Inductive sensor for extension (recommended for xCrane Plus)

Elevate your crane control experience, optimize productivity, and enjoy the convenience of precision movements with the xCrane PLUS. It's the perfect accessory to complement your BMF forestry crane.