Hultdins Crane Damper

Enhance your crane performance with Hultins hydraulic crane dampers!

At BMF, we understand that precision and efficiency are paramount in the forestry industry. That's why we proudly offer Hultins Hydraulic Crane Dampers as an accessory for our forestry cranes. These dampers are engineered to excel in dampening swaying and vibrations, making them the ideal choice for all types of cranes, including the smallest logging trailers.

Key Features:

- Dual-Damper System: Each Hultins Crane Damper is a powerhouse of innovation, combining a Load Damper with a Swaying Damper. This dual-damper system is designed to minimize sway and vibrations, ensuring your crane operates with maximum stability.

- Optimal Crane Performance: Hultins has perfected its crane dampers to deliver exceptional results not only for your crane but also for you. Experience faster crane movements, reduced wear and tear on crane components, and improved operator ergonomics. Hultins dampers are engineered to elevate both your productivity and comfort on the job.

- Compatibility: Hultins Damper KD 1002 PRO is fully compatible with BMF cranes, including BMF750, BMF800, BMF850, BMF905, and BMF1000. Plus, for your convenience, all BMF HD model cranes come equipped with Hultins hydraulic crane dampeners by default.

Elevate your forestry operations with Hultins Hydraulic Crane Dampers – the perfect complement to your BMF crane.