Excavator adapter

Transform Your Excavator into a Log Lifting Powerhouse with BMF Excavator Adapter!

If you're an excavator owner seeking a game-changing solution to elevate your machine's capabilities, look no further. Introducing the BMF Excavator Adapter, your gateway to expanding the functionality of your trusted excavator to include log lifting and handling tasks with ease.

Key Benefits:
Grapple Compatibility: With the BMF Excavator Adapter, you can now equip your excavator to work seamlessly with BMF grapples (excluding C15 models). This means you can leverage your existing excavator to handle logs and more.

Effortless Attachment: Say goodbye to complex installations. The Excavator Adapter simplifies the process, ensuring a secure and swift connection between your excavator and BMF grapple, so you can start lifting logs right away.

Versatile Performance: Whether you're in the forestry industry or other heavy-duty applications, this adapter transforms your excavator into a versatile log-handling powerhouse. Take on a wide range of tasks with confidence.

S-Standard Compatibility: The BMF Excavator Adapter corresponds to the S-standard (S40, S50, and S60), providing you with compatibility across a range of systems.

Two-Way Use: This adapter is incredibly versatile and can be used in two directions. This means that the grapple can be turned to 90 degrees if there is no turning head on your excavator, enhancing its flexibility.

Maximize your excavator's versatility, minimize downtime, and amplify its performance with the BMF Excavator Adapter. It's the ultimate accessory for excavator owners ready to conquer log lifting challenges.