Grapple Attachment for Hay 

Looking to enhance your BMF log grapple's capabilities? Look no further than our BMF Grapple Attachment for Hay. Tailored for versatility, this attachment transforms your grapple into a hay-handling powerhouse, making loose hay management a breeze.
Forged from robust steel, the Hay Claws are designed to endure the harshest conditions. Its solid construction ensures durability, giving you the confidence to tackle demanding tasks. This attachment is available for BMF log grapple models C20, C24, and C27. Equipped with two purpose-built "forks," this attachment empowers your grapple to effortlessly lift and manage loose hay. Say goodbye to the challenges of scattered hay and welcome a new era of efficiency.

Detailed measurements of Hay Claws H20, H24 and H27 are provided on our drawing below:

Upgrade your BMF log grapple and revolutionize your hay-handling capabilities with the BMF Grapple Attachment for Hay.