Hydraulic Pumps

BMF accessory range includes a wide choice of hydraulic pumps within the power range of 80-130cm3. Options include fixed displacement and LS-pumps (Load Sense), piston and gear pumps. Pumps are safely hidden inside the protective drawbars of the BMF trailers. BMF forestry machines use high-quality pumps from Sunfab and OMFB.
Fixed displacement piston pumps from Sunfab have light-weight metal casings that are corrosion free and reduce heat generation. These pumps are compiled of high-quality components that extend the life-span of pumps. Sunfab pumps guarantee smooth operation over the entire speed range.
From OMFB product range BMF offers pumps from HDT and HDS series. HDT series piston pumps from OMFB are new compact bent-axis piston pumps with special body shape. 

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