Timber Blade

Introducing our versatile Logging Blade: Your ultimate ground-leveling solution!
Are you in the business of forestry, logging, or land clearing? Look no further! Our Front Timber Blade is your perfect companion for effortlessly cleaning and leveling the ground after logging activities. Whether you're dealing with tree trunks, stones, or chopped materials, our timber blade has got you covered.

Key features of BMF timber blade:

- Rugged Construction: Our timber blade is built to withstand the toughest challenges. The lower edge is crafted from extra-strong Hardox steel, ensuring its durability and longevity. This means you can tackle even the most demanding terrain with confidence.

- Powder Coated Finish: We understand that durability matters. That's why our timber blade comes with a powder-coated finish, guaranteeing its resilience in harsh outdoor conditions. It's built to last, season after season.

- Stable Support: The included support leg ensures that your timber blade stands tall when not attached to your tractor. No need to worry about storage or accidental tipping. It's designed with convenience in mind.

- Versatile Attachments: The toothed upper edge of the logging blade is perfect for attaching chains, offering you additional versatility in handling various materials. Plus, the attachment loop on the front expands your options even further.

- Easy Installation: Attaching the timber blade to the front of your tractor is a breeze, thanks to the three-point attachment system. It's secure and efficient, allowing you to get to work quickly.

- Grapple Option: You have the choice to equip your timber blade with a grapple for enhanced gripping and handling capabilities. Tailor your setup to meet your specific needs.

- Expandable Accessories: Customize your timber blade experience with optional add-ons, including a toolbox and a chain saw holder. We've got the extras you need to streamline your workflow.

Detailed measurements are provided on our drawing below, ensuring a perfect fit and alignment with your tractor.

Invest in the best and elevate your forestry and logging operations to new heights. BMF Front Timber Blade is designed to save you time and effort, making it an essential tool for any professional in the field.