Dump Boxes

Introducing the Upgraded BMF Tipping Box with Enhanced Strength

We are excited to introduce our revamped Tipping Box, now with reinforced edges for even greater durability. This enhanced version is ready to take on a wider range of cargo, making BMF trailers the top choice for transporting bulk goods, whether in forestry or agriculture.

Key Features:

Multipurpose Cargo Handling: By attaching the Tipping Box to your forestry trailer frame, you can effortlessly transport bulk cargo such as grain, wood chips, and more. This newfound versatility ensures that your BMF trailer is up to the task in various industries.

Effortless Attachment and Removal: Installing and removing the Tipping Box is a breeze. Secure it to the trailer frame with bolts when needed, and easily detach it when it's not required, providing you with the flexibility to adapt to changing needs.

Hydraulic Tipping and Versatile Gate: The Tipping Box boasts hydraulic tilting functionality, making unloading a simple task. Plus, the back gate can be opened in three directions, offering convenience and adaptability like never before.

Durable Bottom with Reinforced Edges: Built tough to withstand the demands of heavy cargo, the Tipping Box features a robust bottom with enhanced, more rigid edges. This design upgrade ensures even greater strength, longevity, and reliability.

Tailored for BMF 12T2Pro and BMF 14T2Pro Trailers: The Tipping Box is compatible with BMF 12T2Pro and BMF 14T2Pro trailers, giving you a choice in selecting the perfect fit for your hauling needs.

Heightening Plates for Increased Capacity: For those requiring extra volume, the Tipping Box can be equipped with heightening plates. These plates raise the edges of the dump box, providing added holding volume for larger cargo loads.

Experience a new level of versatility and adaptability with the upgraded BMF Tipping Box. It's the ultimate accessory for BMF trailers, designed to meet the diverse demands of the forestry and agriculture sectors.

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