Valves and Joysticks

BMF offers a wide variety of valve blocks for forestry cranes. Options include mechanical, prehydraulic and fully electric solutions, including a convenient possibility to control the crane wirelessly. Mechanical valve blocks are an affordable, classic option. Prehydraulic valve blocks are controlled by low-pressure (pilot pressure) joysticks. Fully electric valve blocks are controlled by a joystick with a cable connection or wireless. Compatibility of valve blocks and BMF crane models is available in the table below.

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Valve Type
 Valve Model
   Crane Compatibility  
BMF 430
BMF 540
BMF 650
BMF 750
BMF 905
Mechanical      5/7XY (55l) X              
6/8XY (55l)   X X X        
on/off 55l   X X X        
4/8 xyz (55l)   X X X        
Light weight 55l   X X X        
4/8 xyz (80l)         X X X  
on/off 80l         X X X  
(pilot operated)
D3M HPC     X X        
DPX 100/8 (HPC)       X X X X X  
EX38 HPC   
 X X X X  
Full electric       Parker P70      X X X X X  
Parker L90 with Autec (wireless)       X X X X
Hydrocontrol EX38 
    X X X  X X   

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