BMF 1000HD

Forestry crane with maximum reach of 10m, wide-angle joint and telescope.

This forestry crane was specially designed for the professionel use. It comes with wide-angle joint and telescope.
Product info:
Maximum reach, m 10
  • Lifting torque, kNm, gross
Lifting power on 4m without grapple and rotator, kg 1704
Lifting power of full reach without grapple and rotator, kg 700
Grapple, m2 0,27/0,37
Rotator 6t
Slewing torque, kNm 33
Slewing cylinders, pcs 4
Boom rotation, ° 385
Working pressure, bar 225
Hydraulic pump capacity, l/min 100-150 l/min
Support legN/A
Wide angleYes
Telescope Yes

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