Powerful crane with maximum reach of 10 m, wide-angle joint and double telescope.

BMF1000 is the largest and one of the most powerful models in BMF range of cranes. It is the bigger brother of BMF800 and shares most of its advantages. Plus, the double telescope of BMF1000 increases the maximum reach of this heavy-duty crane up to 10 meters. To make sure that our largest crane maintains its smooth performance and productivity for long working days, hydraulic hoses of BMF1000 are placed securely inside the crane boom that is extra solid, thanks to high-quality Strenx®-steel and the turning house is designed and thoroughly tested to be especially rigid and durable. To simplify and speed up maintenance, the greasing points of the crane are made easily accessible. BMF accessory range includes a number of accessories to complement BMF1000 with accessories that increase work efficiency, safety and provide additional convenience for long working hours on logging sites: different valve options, additional lights and winches for example. BMF1000 is compatible with the following trailers of BMF range: BMF 16T1 (except 1000HD+), BMF 17T2, BMF 18T1.

Product info*:
 BMF 1000HDBMF 1000HD+
Maximum reach, m 10.0 10.0
  • Lifting torque, kNm, gross
Lifting power on 4m without grapple and rotator, kg 1880 1960
Lifting power of full reach without grapple and rotator, kg 710 760
Grapple, m2 0.27 / 0.37   0.27 / 0.37
Rotator 6t 6t
Slewing torque, kNm 35 40
Slewing cylinders, pcs 4 4
Boom rotation, ° 385 385
Working pressure, bar  230 230
Hydraulic pump capacity, l/min 100-150 100-150
Support leg -  -
Wide angle+ +
Telescope+ +

* Technical data is subject to change without prior notice.
** Model year 2023

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