Sturdy one-beam trailer with up to 18t payload

BMF18T1 is the largest and most powerful model in BMF trailer range. The loading capacity of this flagship model is 18 t and loading area covers 3.5-4m2, allowing to transport logs from on location to another quickly, effortlessly and in large quantities. This forestry machine is the choice of demanding professional users. BMF18T1 timber trailer can be equipped with the following cranes:   BMF800HD, BMF800HD+, BMF1000HD and BMF1000HD+.

Working conditions in the forest are mostly rather extreme and forest machines need to be very tough to withstand the rough terrain and heavy log loads. BMF has been producing forest equipment for about twenty years and has thorough knowledge of manufacturing tough machines. Sturdy frames of BMF trailers are designed according to the distribution of the load and all frames have passed thorough strength analysis. We use high-quality robot welding and locations of all welded seams are strategically placed to ensure resistance to weighty loads. All BMF single-and double beam trailers have strong safety grilles. BMF turning drawbar provides protection to the oil pump that is housed inside the drawbar, and has wider connection points for increased toughness. All other components, such as cables, hoses, support leg cylinders are carefully protected as well to avoid damage and provide longer service intervals. Less service time means more effective operating hours and reduced operating costs.

Stability is essential when handling heavy log loads, therefore BMF has paid extra attention to make sure that our trailers are steady even on difficult terrain. To provide increased stability and bring the centre of gravity down, BMF cranes are positioned lower on the trailers and support legs of most BMF trailers are attached directly to the trailer frame. Wheels of trailers are placed as far from each other as possible to make the trailers wider and bring the centre of gravity lower. Thanks to balancing beams it is easier to move on rough terrain.

BMF provides drawbars with a number of eye alternatives and two drawbar heights for smooth connection of the trailer. Uniquely designed drawbar can be mechanically locked to a fixed position for driving on the roads. All forestry trailers of BMF range now have EU whole-vehicle type-approval with regard to EU regulation no 167/2013, which confirms that it is allowed to use BMF trailers on public roads in all the EU countries and EU’s neighbouring countries that apply the regulation.
BMF trailers are available with Standard or PRO-type bolsters. Standard option allows to turn the poles inwards to decrease the width of the upper part of the trailer and make manoeuvring and parking easier in narrow areas. PRO version offers the possibility to widen the load area by pulling the poles outwards. The position of PRO bolsters can be changed by sliding them along the beam of the trailer. In addition, the PRO-version bolsters have toothed edges that keep the logs from sliding and turning. In the past, PRO bolsters were used mainly on forwarders, but their advantages have made them popular for tractor-based forestry trailers as well.
To increase the load area and transport more or longer logs, all BMF trailers can be equipped with a frame extension. The maximum length of the frame extension depends on the trailer model. We recommend to add an additional bolster and set of poles to the extension. The extensions for trailers BMF16T1 and BMF18T1 are hydraulically movable.

Technical data*:

Loading capacity, kg18000
Total length, mm
Length of loading area4835-5435
Total width with standard wheels, mm2520
Chassis 300x300x10
Loading area, m²3.5-4
Drawbar cylinders, pcs2
Drawbar angle to sides, ± °30
Clearence, mm720
Support legFD
Extension 850

*Technical data is subject to change without prior notice.
* Model year 2023

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