High-capacity forestry crane that has a telescope with protected hydraulics and a reach of 8 m

Maximum reach of single-telescope BMF800 is 8 meters. This heavy-duty forestry crane with impressive lifting force is designed for professional use. BMF800HD has a unique solution, where hydraulic lines are routed securely inside the crane boom to make sure that moving hydraulic hoses are protected from mechanical injuries during long workdays in the forest. Construction of the crane is made of high-quality Strenx®-steel from Swedish producer SSAB. All BMF loaders have durable, thoroughly analysed and tested turning houses and columns (towers), powder-coated surfaces for higher durability, easily accessible greasing points and high-quality components. BMF accessory range includes a number of accessories to complement BMF800HD with additions that increase work efficiency and safety, plus provide additional convenience for long working hours. BMF800HD crane is available with HD+ version as well: if you would like to have higher capacity you can choose HD+ version that has a stronger turning house, higher slewing torque and more lifting power at full reach. BMF800 is compatible with the following trailers of BMF range: BMF16T1 (except 800HD+), BMF17T2, BMF18T1.
Product info*:
 BMF 800HD BMF 800HD+
Maximum reach, m 8,0 8,0
  • Lifting torque, kNm, gross
Lifting power at 4 m w/o
 grapple and rotator, kg
2010 2250
Lifting power of full reach w/o
 grapple and rotator, kg
1000 1120
Grapple, m2 0,27 / 0,37  0,27 / 0,37
Rotator 6t 6t
Slewing torque, kNm 35 40
Slewing cylinders, pcs 4 4
Boom rotation, ° 385 385
Working pressure, bar 230 230
Hydraulic pump capacity, l/min 100-150  100-150
Support leg- -
Wide angle + +
Telescope+ +
* Technical data is subject to change without prior notice.

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