Timber crane with a telescope and maximum reach of 6.5 m.

This versatile crane model is one of the most popular choices among farmers, because it is well-suited for lifting light-weight firewood as well as heavy logs. Popularity of this log lift is further supported by its three-point connection (with a support leg) that enables to attach the crane to a tractor. In addition, BMF650 has numerous other advantages, such as thoroughly tested, robust turning house, durable powder-coated surfaces, easily accessible greasing points and securely protected hydraulics. Booms of all BMF lifts are made of especially tough SSAB Strenx steel and bear the quality sign My Inner Strenx®. Extensive range of accessories allow you to customize the crane according to your needs. You can even have it coloured the way you like – to match the tones of your tractor for example. BMF650 log lift can be attached to the following trailers: BMF8T1E, BMF8T2, BMF9T1, BMF10T2, BMF11T1, BMF12T2, BMF13T1, BMF14T2.

Product info*:
Maximum reach, m 6.5
  • Lifting torque, kNm, gross
Lifting power on 4m without grapple and rotator, kg 840
Lifting power of full reach without grapple and rotator, kg 510
Grapple, m2 0.2
Rotator 3t / 4t
Slewing torque, kNm 11
Slewing cylinders, pcs 4
Boom rotation, ° 360
Working pressure, bar 200
Hydraulic pump capacity, l/min 30-60 
Support leg A / FD
Wide angle +
Telescope +
Total weight without leg, kg 686

* Technical data is subject to change without prior notice.
** Model year 2023

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